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We design and build custom gates and handrails. Our fabrication skills and our top notch design team can design just what you need, security, beauty and functionality are what we strive to deliver to our customers.

Consider Custom Gates Outside Your Home

As a business that caters to the look of homes and businesses, there are many things that I like to see people add to their properties to give them the special touches. Just place gates at random places throughout the yard and lawn to add some flair and character.

Now when most people think of gates, they think of the kind of heavy metal gates that hold prisoners in prison or that keep trespassers off of private property. Get these gates out of your head. I am speaking of decorative and functional gates that can be the perfect adornment for many yards. I guess it all depends on the kind of style you are going for, but I haven’t seen many people go wrong when it comes to a well placed gate or two in front of their home.

There are a variety of gates that can adorn your lawn and garden. You might be surprised just how popular decorative gates can really be. You can also go with more functional gates that are connected to fences that keep animals in or out of your yard. I’ve seen some great gates attached to fences that simply protect a vegetable garden in the backyard.

Use your imagination to create the home and lawn of your dreams. My advice is to go a little crazy and see what gates could add to the backyard or front yard of your dreams.

Handrails and railings can just as attractive and can turn a plain area into a nice secured area while adding that element of uniqueness.

Commercial Custom Gates and Handrails

Whatever your need, protection, security or ornamental Orlando Steel Enterprises can put together the look and function you want in a custom gate or handrailing.