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A Steel Building Saves Money

Why A Steel Building

When you find that desired location, a steel building will help save your company money with overall maintenance and low-cost construction. Pre-fabricated steel buildings are pre-drilled, pre-punched, and pre-welded at the warehouse before shipment to the work site. Pre-engineered steel buildings are relatively easy to erect as they simply bolt together.

Steel Building Design

A steel building can be designed in such a manner so to more easily adapt to the floor-plan you require. Today’s state-of-the-art feature clear-span framing that need no load-bearing walls and interior support columns. This can make an interior environment that’s obstacle free, up to three hundred. While the breadth of the building can not be changed, once established, the building’s length could be elongated when additional space to run your business is needed in the future.

Custom Garages steel building

Custom Garages

A steel building will lower your maintenance costs over the life of your building. A steel building is highly fire resistant,-thereby giving extra safety for your equipment, merchandise, and personnel and (likely a significant discount on your insurance premium costs).

Specific information about what your options are could be given to you by your Orlando Steel representative before you purchase the building. Selecting steel to put together your business’s new building is the wisest decision– no matter what type of business you’re in.

Metal buildings do not require any harmful chemicals such as resin, adhesives, wood treatments, or pesticides. A retail/commercial building made entirely out of metal has added strength and durability to increase the structural integrity. As a result, metal retail buildings are resistant to major damages that are caused by high winds and adverse weather conditions. Metal buildings may also be designed to meet and surpass your local building codes regarding wind and snow loads. Customers in the Mid-West and Gulf Coast regions will have added security for their property. (Nevertheless, it is still highly recommended to evacuate during an approaching hurricane.) Many building systems use wood framing, making it vulnerable to fire and difficult to extinguish. Since metal does not burn as quickly as wood, the fire may spread slower, making the environment safer. When a fire occurs in a metal building, it is often possible to contain the fire to a single room. As a result, customers and personnel, not to mention valuable merchandise, equipment, and company files, are well protected in a metal building; and interruption of business operations can be kept to a minimum.

Orlando Steel can help you choose the right solution. Our quality is built in, we’ve been in business over 30 years and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.